TV Club: Reign: “Tasting Revenge”

While in weeks past it would have been tempting to frame a Reign review by coopting Antoine’s succinct parting line (“I’m finding this French court a bit…trying”), “Tasting Revenge” is the first episode in a while that actually feels like it makes something approaching progress. This season started off slow, mired in the muck of Narcisse’s neverending blackmail and Francis’ boring anguish, before taking a turn into violent and disturbing subject matter it couldn’t really handle with a Protestant raping Mary to register his discontent with the crown. There’s been a perceptible shift in the past few episodes as Reign tries to right the ship and recapture some of what made its first season so addictive, and while it still has a ways to go, “Tasting Revenge” felt more familiar than the show has in ages. No, Catherine doesn’t poison anyone, but at …

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