TV Club: Reign swings wide for Westeros in “Clans”

There’s a particular rhythm to a typical episode of Game Of Thrones: the balance of plot twists and inevitable blows, a little character work, a broken heart or two. With Reign in the last big push to the season finale, tackling queens in three nations, and shuffling the ensemble cast into some unexpected combinations, it’s a smart move for episode writers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts to borrow a little of that old Westeros pacing. And much like Game Of Thrones, how well it works depends almost entirely on the existing connection you feel for the characters, and how well these new threats translate amid the ongoing plot soup.

In terms of new threats, Mary’s unsteady and dangerous return to Scotland is the highlight of “Clans.” In some ways, dropping Mary into Scotland is a repilot. Visually, the metaphorically-apt rocky shore and misty hills are a …

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