TV Club: Reign loses big, in accordance with prophecy

It’s fascinating to watch an episode of the show as momentous as this one in which so much hinges on the uncanny valley between choices and what’s ordained. It’s a line the show has played with a lot; everything from Aylee’s death to the definition of Catherine’s “first child” has been up for debate, and the fact that the show operated in a slightly alternate-universe timeline meant that those debates were uncertain enough that we, like the characters, were thrown into doubt. Francis died from an ear infection, historically, but that didn’t mean anything here…did it?

Now as it turns out, nearly everything Nostradamus foresaw has come to pass. That’s a deeply impressive track record, so most of the debates have only been those in which people second-guess whether the worst is over: whether Francis or Clarissa is the “first child,” for …

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