TV Club: Reign: “Fugitive”

Oh, show. What are you doing?

On paper, “Fugitive” is a capital G Game-changer of an episode. It pushes Kenna into infidelity and on the road to divorce, sets up an ultimatum between the perpetually doomed couple of Leith and Greer, forces Narcisse to declare his loyalty one way or another and, most crucially, reveals Conde’s purpose beyond seducing married women. The pieces are all moving around and forward, but after a season of misguided stops and starts, it’s still very hard to get invested.

First and foremost, this episode deals with Mary’s very poor decision-making skills. While Conde was so instrumental in helping Mary heal after she was raped, their love story since has felt less like the epic sweeping arch the show hopes it is rather than a long, tortured march to…well, nothing interesting. Teary rendezvous in the woods, I guess. One of the …

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