TV Club: Rectify: “Hoorah”

At the bar where Jon meets Amantha to have their own little debriefing, he urges her to help Daniel through the 30-day grace period he has to get his affairs in order before the banishment begins. “He still has to live his life.”

“So do we all,” she says. “Hoorah.”

A fitting title. “Hoorah” is mostly about everyone trying to keep living their lives in the immediate aftermath of Daniel’s confession. Daniel’s the reason everyone came together, and now that he’s leaving everyone’s pulling apart. When Daniel was released from Death Row, everyone was there to see him. When he was signing his own banishment order, none of the family is there. It’s so strange to see Ted Sr. working on the kitchen when Daniel gets home, like it’s any other day. That’s one of Rectify‘s gifts, reframing the ordinary as exotic …

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