TV Club: Rectify gets a few things off its chest in a stunning episode

The intensity of my love for Rectify has dampened in the course of the last few years. I was a fiery evangelist for the show’s first season, leading a crusade to make sure this strange and beautiful program on an out-of-the-way network wasn’t overlooked. Since then, many others (usually other critics) have picked up the torch. In the meantime: Rectify became a TV show. A great TV show, but a TV show nonetheless, susceptible to tangents (the rims!), disappearing characters (remember how Jared had a girlfriend?), and other vulnerabilities inherent to ongoing serials. I grew accustomed to its peculiarities and eccentricities; its unorthodox rhythms and tones lost a bit of their sheen. The chills Rectify regularly gave me during the first season were more infrequent. In a pattern that’s typical for both long-running shows and long-term relationships (including those depicted in tonight’s episode) I started taking …

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