TV Club: Real interviews emphasize the aftermath of tragedy on American Crime

American Crime is doing amazing things with television this season. Granted, it started this endevour in the first season but it’s more amplified now. It’s heavier, it’s darker, it’s downright traumatic at points. Yet it’s not operating purely under dramatic flair; American Crime is aiming to do something important and it’s actually following through.

“Season Two: Episode Eight” is an episode that almost defies grading. How do you put a letter grade on an hour of television that is interspersed with heartbreaking interviews with a teacher from Columbine, the mother of a gay son who committed suicide, a genderqueer victim of bullying? It’s a move that the more cynical could have assumed would be exploitative or just a way to cheaply add dramatic tension to a series that is built entirely on dramatic tension. Instead, it was done well and handled with care …

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