TV Club: Raquel finally confronts her crisis of faith on an excellent Transparent

The Pfefferman’s all experience their spiritual journeys on a treadmill. Lots of movement without ever actually getting somewhere. Even as Josh completes his cross-country pilgrimage and stands at the doorway of his son’s home, all he’s succeeded in doing along his journey is alienating another would-be companion. Inside, before Josh can get too settled in, Colton preemptively declares he’s made peace with Josh and his decision to send Colton back to his adopted parents. He says he’s prayed on it and worked through his feelings. But despite the language of healing, it’s obvious his hurt still lives very close to the surface. That night, as he lays on the floor of his son’s bedroom, Josh tells him, “I love you”, and receives a curt, guarded “I know” in return. Colton has witnessed first-hand just what Josh’s love is worth and isn’t …

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