TV Club: Ragnar awakens, and Vikings with him

While Ragnar Lothbrok sleeps, things fall apart. Grievously wounded in the successful siege of Paris at the end of last season, Ragnar slipped into a coma once he returned to Kattegat. Or, if not a coma, a fevered sleep prone to visions where a hearty Ragnar spies the gates of Valhalla across verdant fields—and bellows in rage and sorrow when the massive, ornate gates slam slowly but irrevocably shut before he can enter. Introduced in Vikings‘ very first scene as a young unheralded warrior, he saw—or imagined he saw—Odin, bearing dead warriors up to their reward. Now he’s a king, conqueror of great cities and the strongest leader his people have ever known, and, in his mind, the gods refuse him.

For the first half of “A Good Treason,” Ragnar sleeps, and his extended kingdom falters on all fronts in his absence. In the conquered Paris …

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