TV Club: Quantico reveals more secrets and—wait, where are you going?

Quantico has slowly but surely improved after cranking through the knotty process of setting up its elaborate, miles-long row of narrative dominoes, but with so much happening in the plot, it’s probably naive to assume that’s a finite process. At this point, it looks like Quantico will be springing new surprises and insane reveals until its final moments, and that means it’ll always be a pretty frustrating show even at its most engaging. “Over” has the disadvantage of coming behind “Go,” Quantico‘s smoothest, most engaging episode yet, which makes it all the disheartening to be reminded how much seemingly random story there is to burn through. Simply put, Quantico is at its best when it ignores two-thirds of the story it’s trying to tell.

Consider that we’re eight episodes in and Nathalie is still running around with a fake scar behind her ear for …

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