TV Club: Quantico is a fun, soapy riff on one of our most sensitive topics

Quantico may not be the best network pilot of the new season, but it’s certainly the most exciting and most promising. And in its own way, it’s the most culturally significant. The September 11th terror attacks have given rise to a lot of television storytelling, beginning with 24, which wasn’t inspired by the attacks but arrived just in time to feel of the moment, through to directly influenced shows like Homeland and shows inspired by its success. Quantico is one of the shows born of Homeland‘s influence—creator Joshua Safran pitched it as ‘Grey’s Anatomy meets Homeland‘—but it’s unlike any of its peers. The deliberate attempt to inject sex, scandal, levity, and humor is not an approach that would have been accepted from a show about this subject matter a decade ago. 9/11 is far enough in the past that counterterrorism can …

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