TV Club: Quantico drops the (second) bomb in its wobbly midseason finale

“Inside” is an especially unique episode of Quantico in that, for once, the flashback story feels more engaging than the present-day story. That says something profound about how the show has executed the present-day story, which has the added urgency of not one, but two ticking clocks. There’s the figurative ticking clock—Alex’s narrowing window of opportunity to prove her innocence before she’s placed in custody—not to mention the literal ticking clock counting down to the detonation of a second bomb. Nothing should ever feel more urgent than that, especially since the rest of Quantico is made up of odd, vestigial plotlines and lukewarm romances. And yet “Inside” makes a better case for Quantico as a terrorism-adjacent romantic drama than as a tightly-plotted thriller.

The show’s balance has tipped in the opposite direction because as the flashback story is untangled, it gets easier to follow …

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