TV Club: Pushing Niska’s buttons flusters the Humans more than the synth

“You want me to be more human? Casually cruel to those closest to you, then crying over people you’ve never met?”

The fact that Niska’s obstinance (which borders on impertinence) during her “consciousness testing” does not register with Neha Patel as a flash of emotion is a sign that the QC doesn’t really know what she’s looking for here. As we saw last week, the fugitive synth was taken into custody—or whatever the appropriate term would be for an entity whose fitness to stand trial is currently being assessed—while Laura looked on helplessly. She’s now in a bit of a pickle: if she’s deemed conscious, then she’ll be prosecuted for murder. If she’s not, she’ll be destroyed. It’s a life (sentence) or death situation, and should be enough to provoke some display of anxiety or fear, or even …

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