TV Club: Project Greenlight: “Episode 27”

The traditional behind-the-scenes filmmaking narrative has us siding with the genius director trying to realize his vision despite the interference of the villainous suits and bean-counters who care only about the bottom line. (The classic example is The Battle For Brazil, Jack Mathews’ book about Terry Gilliam’s epic struggle to get his version of Brazil released in theaters.) In past seasons, Project Greenlight has subverted this dynamic by surrounding an inexperienced director with seasoned production staff and crew. The resulting narrative finds a filmmaker in over his head, constantly needing to be rescued from himself by competent professionals who spend most of their talking-head interviews complaining that their contest-winning director doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Jason Mann is smart enough to see this is a trap as much as an opportunity, and in this second episode he makes (nearly) all the right moves to improve his odds …

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