TV Club: Project Greenlight: “Episode 26”

It’s been ten years between Project Greenlight seasons, but despite a few tweaks here and there, it remains a very entertaining reality show almost completely incompatible with its stated goal of producing a good movie. The first episode of the fourth season begins with producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck reintroducing the concept: It’s “a documentary about what it really takes to make a movie,” Affleck says, but there are already dozen if not hundreds of those and Project Greenlight is no Burden Of Dreams or Hearts Of Darkness. This is a reality competition series, albeit the only one where the winner is crowned in the first episode. Inevitably, that moment is as good as it ever gets for that lucky individual (or team), as the rest of the season is devoted to documenting every filmmaking foible and raging case of creative differences along the way.

The premiere …

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