TV Club: Pretty Little Liars: “Game Over, Charles”


As far as reactions to game-changing episodes of television shows go, that is perhaps the most Jess Mariano-like one of all, but how exactly should one react to Pretty Little Liars finally answering the major questions? (The key word is “major.”) What answers should be considered a relief and what should be considered a disappointment? What should be considered a shock and what should be considered just nonsense? Pretty Little Liars has gone over five seasons and survived on only adding more twists, turns, and questions to its twists, turns, and questions, stalling every chance it gets to resolve things. So as showrunner I. Marlene King and all things Pretty Little Liars constantly said that this summer season would be one of “Answers” (revealing ‘A’ as someone the audiences and characters already know), all of it sounded like the same old stuff, a part of a pattern that had …

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