TV Club: Preacher returns with a bang, a splat, and one mean cowboy

The first season of Preacher was a strange one, full of wild variations in tone, plot hiccups, and an often frustrating lack of focus. When it worked, it was thrilling, hilarious, and shocking in all the best ways. When it didn’t work, it was a sneering, overloaded mess. The second season wastes no time in showing things have changed. The first thing we see, in the series’ now familiar blaring white font, is “THE SEARCH FOR GOD.” Brief pause. “DAY ONE.” It’s silly, melodramatic, and entirely sincere, and it sets the tone for the episode that follows.

“On the Road” isn’t perfect; the show still hasn’t completely nailed the surprisingly delicate balance of gonzo humor, unexpected moments of feeling, and gore. But it’s far more consistent than much of the previous season, and, better still, it has the sharp focus of a story with a …

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