TV Club: Preacher meets the Saint of Killers in another excellent entry

It took me a while to realize the cold open was about a man buying a percentage of another man’s soul. It was such a striking, odd way to begin an episode: a couple bargaining with someone, worriedly asking for terms and after-effects before signing on because they desperately need the money. We don’t see any characters we recognize, and while it’s possible the soul measuring machine showed up in the first season (it’s been a while), there’s no immediate thread of story connecting this to the adventures of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. And yet it’s such an evocative, familiar image that it never becomes indulgent. The poor being forced to give up something precious to help the rich isn’t a new idea, even if the actual material exchange is bizarre. The straight-faced patience helps too. There’s an inherent suspense in seeing …

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