TV Club: Power: “Time’s Up”

Humiliation is the atom bomb of emotions. So says Evelyn Lindner, a noted social scientist who has done extensive research on why people humiliate each other and the consequences of doing so. And there are always consequences. People can abide pain and make peace with disappointment, but humiliation is a hot knife through the heart. Once someone in a relationship feels humiliated, that relationship is forever altered.

It’s safe to say following the aptly titled “Time’s Up” that there’s no longer such a relationship as “Jamie and Angela.” In truth, that relationship has never existed except in the lovesick minds of Ghost and Angela, who have done their damnedest to keep their sandcastle intact in spite of the rapidly rising tide. They’ve supported each other in maintaining the shared delusion, as crumbling couples are wont to do. Invariably, one of them is moon-eyed while the other …

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