TV Club: Pour a little out for your homie, Black-ish—you’ve earned it

“Man At Work” is kind of a tricky episode of Black-ish. You see, the cold open is almost atypically serious, as Dre voiceovers about “taking care of your own” and coming up from nothing. It’s all stuff the show has talked about before, but with the exception of the Entourage cast photo that’s thrown in, it’s an episode opening with very little levity. But by the time we get to present day Sha (Faizon Love) and his slovenly appearance on Dre’s couch, it’s easy to forget all about that introduction and how atonal it feels. In fact, it manages to be the standard manic vibe of Black-ish—with solid gags like large posters dedicated pitas due to “a perfectly understandable homonym error” and the devolution of Mr. Stevens (who starts the episode looking like a preppy villain from an ‘80s teen movie) all happening around …

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