TV Club: Portlandia: “Healthcare”

After two weeks of episodes that had a specific character focus, “Healthcare” is an episode of Portlandia that sees the show getting back to basics, and it’s a welcome return. As successful as “The Story Of Toni And Candace” and “The Fiancée” were on character and storytelling levels, individual episodes of the show tend to function best when they draw on the entire Portland universe, moving through the city’s various neighborhoods and getting the full surreal flavor. Even more encouraging, it’s an episode that follows the pattern of Portlandia season finales by tying everything together around one specific event, giving the episode a welcome sense of cohesion.

“Healthcare” opts to changes up the formula from the season finales by being about a central theme rather than a location, and it delivers solid results. Medical comedy usually requires a darker sense of humor than Portlandia‘s—certain moments …

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