TV Club: Portlandia goes the dramatic route and explores post-breakup life

In a recent interview with Vulture about his various comedy projects, Jonathan Krisel credited the bulk of Portlandia‘s success to the way it emphasizes character over sketch premise. “We love our characters and we always want to know more about them,” he said. “Always searching for the new ‘Put a Bird on It’ is so limiting.” That viewpoint has allowed Portlandia to sustain itself past its initial conceits and catchphrases, as the show has built a bench of characters—primarily built on two actors, o less—and the majority of them feel realized as opposed to simple archetypes. You know how Toni and Candace are going to react to a situation versus how Kath and Dave will react to it or how Fred and Carrie will react to it, allowing for multiple takes on the same scenario.

That success in character building is why Portlandia‘s able to do …

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