TV Club: Plot trumps comedy on an unfocused South Park

Has the idea of the big reveal completely lost its effectiveness on South Park? Because after a season packed with them, the plot device does nothing for me. Tonight’s revelation that Troll Trace’s CEO, Bedrager, is actually a troll himself should have been the biggest bombshell of the season. But instead, it lands with shrug—its surprise ruined by the simple fact that we’ve seen too much of this sort of thing already. From Gerald being Skankhunt42 to the Member Berries being more intelligent than we initially thought, this has been a season filled with characters fooling others about who they really are.

While that’s not always a bad thing (those first two reveals were some of the strongest plot points of the season), the comedic gut punch devolves into a one-handed shove when it plays out the same exact way every single time. Zoom in …

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