TV Club: Playing House: “Officer Of The Year”/“Celebrate Me Scones”

Ugh, Playing House, you’re not supposed to make me cry. Twice, no less.

Both finale episodes of Playing House had these wonderful moments that prove how entirely invested the show makes you be in these characters. It’s not a show about being guffawing-ly funny, it’s about considerably more than that. And as Playing House has progressed through its second season, it’s not just Emma and Maggie that are at the emotional core of the show. The weirdos that populate their lives start to have their tear-worthy moments as well (as in the excellent “Knotty Pine”). As much as I wanted Emma to end up with Mark, I similarly wanted Mark to end up with Emma. I wanted this secondary character to be just as happy as the central one. That’s what makes it better than a run of the mill comedy. The characters that populate …

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