TV Club: Playing House: “Knotty Pine”

Playing House, in its short run, has done something very specific with its writing: It has largely created its own vernacular. Take “Body be banging,” which could have been this throwaway phrase that has cropped up throughout the show’s run. Hell, there are even t-shirts. These phrases are throwback jokes—Easter eggs for fans—without closing the show off to potential new viewers (“Body be banging” is funnier the fifth time you hear it, but it can still be funny the first time). These phrases also create a vocabulary among friends. When two people spend an inordinate amount of time together, they to pick up each other’s vocal tics, augmenting them and adopting them for their own purposes—take Maggie adopting Rod Rockman’s (Jack McBrayer) Southern accent when they gossiped. It’s one of the aspects of the show that gives it this incredibly familiar feel. In …

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