TV Club: Playing House: “Hello, Old Friend”/“Sleepless in Pinebrook”

What’s particularly amazing about Playing House is how comfortable it feels. It’s the same reason it has this dedicated fanbase of Jammers who pleaded with USA to renew the show after it’s lovely first season. USA made sure to keep fans dangling for as long as possible, axing other shows (RIP Benched) before giving Playing House season two the greenlight. I, like the (decidedly small) hordes of those on Twitter crying out for more Maggie and Emma, am glad they did. In the second season opener, “Hello, Old Friend,” we catch up with Maggie (Lennon Parham), Emma (Jessica St. Clair) and baby Charlotte, now aged to six months old, making a go of it as an alternative family, something they will have to explain to the people of Pinebrook. But while they are explaining what that means to their terrible photographer (Upright Citizen Brigade‘s Matt Besser …

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