TV Club: Playing House: “Employee Of The Month”

Playing House has largely been a chance for Keegan-Michael Key to play it straight as Mark. On the brilliant Key & Peele he bursts with a kinetic energy, playing each of characters with a physical enthusiasm, his long limbs askew whenever possible. Watch him in any skit and he fearlessly throws anything and everything he’s got into a character. But Mark is more subdued. He’s playing a real person, often trying to counteract the crazy that is both Emma and Maggie and his soon-to-be ex-wife Bird Bones. That’s not to say that Mark is a bad character, he’s a necessary grounding force in the grand scheme of the Playing House universe. Nor is Mark a step back for Key into some boring character. In a lot of ways, he’s a step forward, allowing him to show a vulnerability and flex his dramatic muscles in a …

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