TV Club: Pitch mashes up Good Will Hunting and Major League in one efficient episode

  • Maybe the best thing about this episode was the way it kept defying expectations regarding Ginny’s acting out: She never really goes that crazy, the girl she meets is kind and normal instead of fame-hungry, and all the tough high-powered executives she spends time around respond with empathy rather than rage.
  • All that said, I hope Lyndsy Fonseca pops back up again to keep being Ginny’s friend. She’s clearly filling a need Ginny has, and it means she has at least one person in her life who isn’t a coworker or an employee.
  • Speaking of Ginny’s employee/friends, Amelia continues to be the grownup of the group. She has a lot of great moments in this episode, but maybe the highlight is her complete shutdown of Mike’s weak attempt to apologize.
  • Best way to admit that you’re pulling a plotline from Major League …

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