TV Club: Pied Piper takes a big step, and it’s about time Silicon Valley did the same

If you elect to think about a season of television as obeying the traditional three-act structure, Silicon Valley is having a disappointing second act. The first part of the season promised a new frontier for the show as the iconoclasts of Pied Piper had to learn to navigate the waters of respectability and the temperament of CEO “Action” Jack, and since then it’s backpedaled aggressively from that structure to return to its original framework. Plots have focused on classic misunderstandings and stock romance difficulties, and while it’s been funny it’s also overly familiar, lacking the spark of the initial arc.

Thankfully, “To Build A Better Beta” is the episode that looks to set up a third act with a much different set of stakes. The events of the episode are largely to be expected—some inter-team feuding, Richard’s ego warring with his better instincts, Gavin’s …

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