TV Club: Pickle and Peanut: “Greg/Gramma Jail”

At the end of “Greg,” the lead characters Pickle and Peanut begin to beatbox and rap about the weird adventure they’ve just been on, ending with the line, “Next episode is better!” There’s an uncomfortable layer of desperation there. Fourth wall breaking is all well and good, but to indirectly call out your first episode as essentially bad reeks of a kind of weary recognition of your show’s own flaws. It’s the kind of self-deprecation that belongs in a later episode, not the pilot, after certain narrative and comedic parameters have already been established. (Pilots are usually weak anyway, so you’re just telling us something we already know.) To be fair, “Gramma Jail” is marginally better, if only because it has a slightly tighter narrative structure, but neither episode has much going for it outside of a half-assed Squidbillies aesthetic with very little, if any …

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