TV Club: Phil and Carol search for a new home in a warmer The Last Man On Earth

Imagine, if you will, that you’re the last person on Earth.

You travel the entire country looking for another living soul. You find no one. You try to make the best of your situation. You rob and raid the nation’s most priceless treasures. You take over a large mansion in your hometown. You break stuff. You blow shit up. You make the world your own personal parking spot. You have fun. You become lonely. You pray. You pray for any sign of another human being. You see no one. You start to lose your grip on reality. You talk to yourself. You talk to sports balls. You fall in love with mannequins. You become depressed. You realize no one’s coming. You decide to kill yourself.

But then…

You see smoke in the distance. You follow it. You find its location. You see fire. You see clothes. You …

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