TV Club: Pete Holmes is Crashing in every sense of the word

I want to get this out of the way right at the top—Crashing is good, so if you liked the premiere, you’re going to enjoy it. But if you didn’t like the premiere, give it a few more episodes to win you over.

But this review is strictly about “Artie Lange,” the premiere episode of Pete Holmes’ new HBO comedy. The gist is that Holmes is basically playing “the 2007 version of [him]self,” as he told the TCA winter press tour audience back in January.

Holmes is a decently successful comedian now, but a decade ago, he was a struggling comic in New York, driving into the city every night to perform for free—or even having to pay a two-drink minimum in order to get stage time.

It was about this time that his personal life pretty much imploded. In real life, Holmes got married …

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