TV Club: Person Of Interest: “YHWH”

A season-long cold war between good and evil is supposed to end with Team Machine vanquishing Samaritan, right? The small victories in this episode should be celebrated since the big picture looks bleak. Control was fed a lie about the nature of the impending attack; Samaritan’s supposed plan to eliminate anti-surveillance Supreme Court justices is a ruse meant to test Control’s loyalties. The Correction is actually a systemic, but very vague, plan to take out the “right people,” including Elias, Dominic, and Control herself. Despite these characters’ sins, they deserved justice for their crimes and Team Machine is unable to prevent Samaritan from taking the law into its own hands. The Machine herself has been compressed into her most essential bits and bytes; at one point, she was everywhere, apparently living in the country’s power grid the whole time, but now she’s been forced to downsize …

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