TV Club: Person Of Interest: “Terra Incognita”

Originality isn’t the key to what makes this a great episode of Person Of Interest. There’s a number of the week involving a man who was falsely accused of murdering his entire family, which is a storyline that’s par for the course for network dramas. The case is a red herring that serves as a catalyst for the episode; it adds some excitement and leads to Reese’s fateful injury, but it isn’t the point. There are the usual hallmarks of thrillers like chases, long shots into dark rooms, and jump scares. The intricate, purposeful structure interweaving Detective Carter’s original investigation into the murder and Reese’s present day reopening of the case is effective because the episode hinges on an intimate reunion between the two, but this approach isn’t exactly new. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that scenes featuring Carter …

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