TV Club: Person Of Interest: “Search & Destroy”

Only nerds quote Saturday Night Live characters. That being said, this episode of Person Of Interest had everything; this review could just be a list of bulletpoints detailing why this episode works—ending with the note that “Search and Destroy” could have used more Bear because everything could—but that would make this article less of a review and more of a PowerPoint.

“Search and Destroy” is not the most cerebral episode of Person Of Interest, but that hardly matters when everything from the writing, to the performances, to the technical components are executed at such a high level. This episode is heavy on the action and thrills, not to mention the spare but effective comedy. A bait and switch, the structure is familiar, but effective nonetheless; it’s an episode where a case of the week involving a number turns out to have ties to the serialized, overarching story …

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