TV Club: Person Of Interest says goodbye to the numbers and hello to the end

Saying that “Synecdoche” is a love letter to the fans who’ve watched Person Of Interest show all these years almost feels like a disservice to the show itself. You see, Person Of Interest as a whole is arguably a love letter to the fans. Character deaths make not make it appear that way at times, but it’s a dystopian science-fiction crime show—it’s part of the territory. So after years of explaining to outsiders that Person Of Interest is “a procedural, but…,” it only makes sense that the show gives one last look to its case-of-the-week aspect (and the fact that it still meant something) before it ends. It makes even more sense that Person Of Interest would close up the irrelevant numbers bag with both the biggest number it could ever have—the President’s of the United States—and also one of the most important …

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