TV Club: Person Of Interest knows there’s only one answer to “what if?”

As the penultimate episode of the series, “.exe” is a tricky episode of Person Of Interest. It immediately poses as a “what if?” episode in the style of It’s A Wonderful Life, and while Person Of Interest is the type of show that could pull off going through with an It’s A Wonderful Life-style episode in its penultimate episode… Well, it would at least be a little disappointing if that were the lead-up to a one-hour series finale that would then have to cover so much ground. And this is even keeping in mind that “If-Then-Else,” arguably the best episode of the series, is essentially a “what if?” episode. But the It’s A Wonderful Life approach to that trope can both make for memorable television and a logic-bending episode. It would be a risk, on multiple levels, for Person Of Interest to take, even with the …

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