TV Club: Person Of Interest: “Asylum”

With the help of some trusty callbacks, “Asylum” ties (some of) the disparate threads of Season Four together in preparation for the conclusion. Join me on a trip back in time as we first revisit “Control-Alt-Delete,” which focused on the guilt that plagues Control because of the harm she has done to others despite her best intentions to protect the country. Control is a complicated woman, and her adventure this week involves kidnapping an ISA employee she suspects is a mole working for Samaritan. Moles abound in “Asylum,” and it’s clear early on that Shelly is the mole that Control is looking for—the mole, not the droid—but the performance is impressive nonetheless. One of the best scenes in the episode involves Control simply holding up a series of photographs for Shelly’s perusal, where excuse after excuse is given for her whereabouts before evidence of a damning …

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