TV Club: Per the Homeland playbook, a big thing explodes

As dreadfully boring as I found “The Covenant,” and as impatient as I’ve been with season six on the whole, I’ve kept last season’s fourth episode at the top of my mind. Television shows get into a certain rhythm when breaking a season’s worth of stories, and the hope was that this year’s fourth episode would be what “Why Is This Night Different?” was to last season. (Or what “Game On” was to season three, or “About A Boy” was to season four.) Indeed, “A Flash Of Light” is that galvanizing episode, right down to the “unexpected” explosion that changes the trajectory of all the characters and heightens the stakes. It feels all too familiar, like a color-by-numbers episode of post-Brody Homeland. But with so little in play, at least “Light” features a plot development I won’t have to be reminded of in next …

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