TV Club: People Of Earth finds awkward humor in denial in its best episode yet

The second episode of People Of Earth ended with a pair of shocking revelations. The first being that Gina, despite her warm exterior and “empathy” bumper sticker, is apparently the type of person would run over someone and leave the scene, and the second being that the person she ran over was actually Kurt, the reptilian. The third episode opens with a panicked Gina calling the police to inquire if they knew anything about the incident. When H. Jon Benjamin’s cop character tells her it was just a raccoon, she’s breathes a heavy sigh of relief, and immediately drops the fake English accent she had been using (somehow, the cop fails to notice this). But since it was very clearly a human (or at least human-shaped) body that was found at the scene, we’re left to wonder why he would lie about something like this. This leads …

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