TV Club: Penny Dreadful: “Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places”

Following last week’s foundation-laying flashback, “Evil Spirits In Heavenly Places” is more concerned with getting the second season’s plot up to speed. There are no earthshaking developments or jaw-dropping revelations, but the conflicts come into clearer focus and there’s time to spend getting to know the characters in ways we haven’t necessarily seen before.

Working toward the inner circle from the outer edges, let’s start with Dorian Gray, who continues to be a tangential presence in the larger narrative. He’s still seeing Angelique and their relationship is a surprisingly public one, all things considered. It’s not hard to see why they’ve hit it off; as Angelique notes, they’re both living their lives as the people they want to be, not who they are. (The difference is that Angelique’s expression of her true self requires only makeup and appropriate wardrobe choices …

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