TV Club: PC Principal rides the line between hero and villain on the season finale of South Park

Last week, South Park started dropping bombshells all over the place without actually letting them hit the ground. The biggest one, of course, was the true motivation/background of both PC Principal and Leslie. Many of you suspected that they were working together, while others (myself included) thought the show was hinting that PC Principal may actually be a hero by the end of the season. Tonight’s finale revealed that both theories are correct—sort of.

Although the PC bros are definitely helping the Ads (it feels right to capitalize them now) achieve world domination, they’re doing so inadvertently, as every character—all of whom are chasing a different red herring for most of the episode—discover by the end. The most coherent explanation comes earlier on from Nathan, who’s lounging around his Ad-provided penthouse with a hooker named Classi (spelled with an “i” and a little …

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