TV Club: Paul and Vernon face their own misery while lost in the woods on You’re The Worst

Are we miserable because we expect too much from those we love or are we miserable because we don’t expect enough? How much personal humiliation can one person stand for the good of the next generation? Does domestication inherently beget or breed emotional castration or are “crisis of masculinity” fears simply a product of the natural existential malaise that comes from middle age? These are the questions enervating underneath the surface of “The Seventh Layer,” a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead-esque story about two minor characters in the throes of their own personal Hells. If nothing else, it’s the most touching episode of You’re The Worst that also features two men furiously masturbating into a campfire.

The two men in question are Vernon (Todd Robert Anderson) and Paul (Allan McLeod), the two put-upon men tasked with purchasing a bassinet for Vernon’s child and end up …

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