TV Club: Patrick Stewart’s son Daniel attends a family reunion on Blunt Talk

“Goodnight, My Someone” comes from The Music Man, by way of Celia. Now that she’s seeing the neighborhood analyst, we get to hear some of her thoughts about herself. Apparently that’s what she says every night before bed, not to whomever she’s with, if she’s with anyone at all. Your someone, she says, is someone you haven’t met but who’s out there. Celia thinks of her someone on lonely nights to give her hope. It’s the perfect line to encapsulate such a sweet episode.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m talking about sweetness, not sentimentality. Although its sweetness has weight, Blunt Talk isn’t sappy like most sitcoms when they veer into pathos. Blunt Talk doesn’t have pity for its characters, and it isn’t glib about melancholy. At the climax of “Goodnight, My Someone,” Walter finds out his son …

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