TV Club: Parks And Recreation: “Gryzzlbox”/“Save JJ’s”

Blink and you’ll miss it, but Ben finally dealt with his Ice Town trauma. His sudden, only moderately flustered intrusion of The Perdple’s Court to point out why Gryzzl has been so unchill is a far cry from the sweat-drenched disasters that defined his media appearances way back in season three. And, unlike season five’s “Partridge,” his own attempt to make peace with Ice Town isn’t coopted into the main Leslie story. Honestly, it’s kind of an odd moment, because beyond Ben’s ability to frame Gryzzl’s misdeeds in their own absurd lingo, there isn’t really much comedy to the scene. Ben is just making some entirely valid points about terms of service and the misdeeds of data-mining internet companies, as though someone on the Parks And Recreation staff had been saving up that rant for a while now and finally saw an …

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