TV Club: Parks And Recreation: “2017”/“Ron And Jammy”

As Parks And Recreation begins its abbreviated final season, the last big question before it is what, if anything, its ending could look like. This show may have long since lost the fastball that made it an ace and transitioned into the crafty lefty phase of its career—for those unfamiliar with casual baseball analogies, the good people at the law firm of Fwar, Dips, Winshares Gritt, Babip, Pecota, and Eckstein will be happy to explain, billable by the hour—but this remains a fundamentally solid show, regardless of which half of the 2010s it now takes place in. The trouble is that, while Parks And Recreation has never sunk to the same kind of depths as it spiritual predecessor The Office did at its nadir, it also lacks the kind of big driving plotlines that The Office was able to pull from in Steve Carell’s final season or …

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