TV Club: Paring down perspectives moves Heroes Reborn in the right direction

Heroes Reborn has struggled with its structure all season, the isolated narratives of its many protagonists giving the series a fractured, disjointed feeling. The best installment so far, “June 13th – Part One,” benefited tremendously from narrowing in on primarily Noah and Hiro as they traveled back in time to the Odessa conference and the same is true for “Sundae, Bloody Sundae.” This time it’s Tommy and Carlos who take center stage, and both are given some of their best material yet. Tommy’s relationship with Emily has been a highlight of the season, Gatlin Green and Robbie Kay’s chemistry bringing a touch of sweetness to the otherwise rather dour series, so it’s not surprising that this corner of the episode works well, but Carlos’ arc has been one of the show’s least successful. His moping—he’s meant to be struggling with significant issues, but the …

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