TV Club: Parenthood: “We Made It Through The Night”

How do you measure a good Parenthood episode? In quality of stories told, or satisfying character moments? In cohesive themes, or number of tears shed? For me, Parenthood is a show that defies any sort of typical critical analysis; my opinions on an episode are often some mutant amalgamation of all the above, which is almost always affected by the way it makes me feel. This is basically a long-winded way to say that “We Made It Through The Night” is kind of a mess—choppy and rushed at times, and beautifully patient at others—but boy, did it make me feel things. And that made me love it.

As Parenthood marches toward its end next week it’s much easier for the show to coast by on how it makes you feel, simply because there’s far less story left to tell. Everything is firmly in “wrap-up” mode, which …

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