TV Club: Parenthood: “Let’s Go Home”

Television shows that have the luxury of planning out their final season get the leeway to do things that might not work any other time. Characters can make decisions solely to make themselves happy, free from the burden future storytelling often brings. Whole stories can be built upon nostalgia without tipping over into treacle. And, perhaps most pointedly, narratives can shift far more toward character moments rather than plot momentum, as the show heads toward its final stretch. In the wake of Zeek’s big health scare, this is exactly what is happening on Parenthood, and it results in a sweet, couple-centric hour that is the perfect palate cleanser after last week’s emotional episode.

Most of this episode was about people coming to terms with feelings, whether it be their own or someone close to them. The biggest story here is obviously Joel and Julia’s reconciliation, considering their …

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