TV Club: Parental politics and romantic reunions make for a great Jane The Virgin

After the worst episode of Jane The Virgin thus far (which wasn’t really all that bad because this show has had a phenomenal track record), I was nervous that this show was losing its way with the three-year time jump after Michael Cordero’s death. It brings me a lot of pleasure to say that Jane The Virgin returns from its three-week break with renewed confidence and a clearer sense of direction, one that gets back to the foundation of what makes this show so satisfying. “Chapter Fifty-Seven” struggled because it focused on tearing down new relationships that were never given time to fully develop, but tonight’s episode spotlights character dynamics that have been a part of the show from the very beginning.

The main plot involves the rivalry between Petra and Jane, which has gone through many stages over the course of 58 chapters. Their relationship is …

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